TIPS & ADVICE – For a Safe and Enjoyable Greek Vacation

Whether you are a first time or repeat visitor, you probably here because have questions about traveling to Greece.  Just grab some coffee and read our tips and advice. We have compiled here most of the questions about practicalities, country information, and trip ideas we had to answer over the years.

Practicalities, Information, and Trip Ideas

While Athens can fill a complete itinerary with exciting venues and activities by itself, there are several trips worth taking around the capital. Around Attica you will find plenty of little towns and seaside resorts for day-trips, and of course a host of archaeological sites to keep you busy. Day Trips ... Continue Reading

ATHENS – Day Trips

Hiking Samaria gorge (Φαράγγι Σαμαριάς) in western Crete, south of Chania, is a great activity if you want to experience the island's raw nature. The hike through the largest gorge in Greece is very popular so you will be enjoying some of the most stunning Greek landscapes in the company of ... Continue Reading

Hiking Samaria Gorge

Where can you go if you have one week in Greece and you want to visit major archaeological sites but you would also like to see the Greek islands? Our suggestions is to spend the majority of your time visiting archaeological sites and museums in Athens. From there, you can ... Continue Reading

Trip Ideas: One week – Ancient Greece and Hydra

Where can you go if you have one week in Greece and you want to relax somewhere without traveling around much? Our suggestions is to choose of the Greek islands, and to spend your whole week there. The islands we recommend have options to keep you both relaxed and entertained ... Continue Reading

Trip Ideas: One Week – Pick a Greek Island

Where can you go if you have ten days in Greece and you want to visit the major ancient sites? One of our suggestions is to rent a car in Athens and tour the major ancient sites of Delphi, Olympia, Mycenae, and Epidaurus ... Continue Reading

Trip Ideas: Ten Days – Ancient Greece on Mainland

Where can you go if you have two weeks in Greece and you want to go Greek island hopping? Our suggestion is to center your itinerary around the Cyclades. The Cycladic islands offer the quintessential landscapes of Greece, they are close together to minimize travel time, and they are all ... Continue Reading

Trip Ideas: Two Weeks – Island Hopping

We present here three walking tours of Athens. They are free for your enjoyment, and you may use them on your phone or tablet as you walk through the most important ancient ruins and the historic center of Athens. You may walk each one separately, or you may combine them ... Continue Reading

Walking Tours of Athens: Self-Guided