Epidaurus Theatre
Epidaurus (Επίδαυρος) was a popular place of healing in antiquity. It is home to the most beautiful ancient theater, famed for its visual and acoustic symmetry. The theater is still ... Read More

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Mycenae Lions Gate
Mycenae is one of the most important Bronze Age archaeological sites in Greece. It gave its name to the Mycenaean civilization, and as Homer tells us in the Iliad, its ... Read More

MYCENAE – The Most ...

Nafplio museum
Nafplio Archeological Museum is a delightful venue. Its exhibitions include ancient objects ranging from Paleolithic to Roman eras. This is where you will see the bronze armor with boars tusk ... Read More

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Arvanitia beach in Nafplio
Nafplio is not known as a swimming destination, but it has some enjoyable swimming spots in its vicinity, including Arvanitia beach right on the edge of town, and the popular ... Read More


Nafplio is one of the most beautiful old towns in Greece. Travel to Nafplio to enjoy the old town itself, and use it as a hub when you visit the ... Read More

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