Fishing boats float in the blue sea
The Greek islands are a main attraction to Greece. Each island has its own  unique topography, history, and culture, so you will aways find one that fits your holiday style ... Read More


Boat moored in Porto Katsiki beach
Lefkada island, in the Ionian Sea, is separated from the mainland by a small draw bridge.  The beaches of the west coast are as beautiful as you can find in ... Read More

LEFKADA Island – A ...

Rock in front of long beach
Lefkada beaches include some excellent choices. Egremni beach is one of the best in Greece, while the likes of Porto-Katsiki, Kathisma, and Agiofili are not far behind in beauty ... Read More


View of Parga town with Panagia islet and boats in the harbor
Parga town might be on the mainland, but it has the familiar "island" look and feel with its picturesque harbor and its three town beaches. It's also the perfect hub ... Read More

PARGA – A Triple-Be...

Bathers at beach with turquoise water
Preveza beaches are an excellent place to spend your holidays. They are only now becoming known outside of Greece, so if you are budget conscious, they an excellent vacation destination ... Read More