Sitia musuem statuette
Sitia Archaeological Museum is a delightful venue if you are in the area. It contains artifacts from excavations around eastern Crete. The most renown artifacts are the Linear A tablets ... Read More

SITIA Archaeological Muse...

Fresco depicting dolphins
The Heraklion Archaeological Museum houses the second most important collection of antiquities in Greece (second only to the National Museum of Athens), and the chronology of artifacts represent life in ... Read More

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The palace of Knossos is the grandest of the four Minoan palaces that have been unearthed in Crete, and its complex architecture has been identified as the legendary "Labyrinth" ... Read More


Balos beach
We rate Balos as the best beach in Greece because it ticks all the right boxes. The sand is expansive, soft, with white and pink hues. The invigorating sea, the ... Read More

Balos Beach