Simos and Sarakiniko beaches
Sarakiniko beach in Elafonisos island would enchant you with its soft sand and crystal-clear water. To the southeast, within walking distance you will find Simos beach. Both are excellent choices ... Read More

Sarakiniko Beach, Elafoni...

General view of Papa Nero beach
Papa Nero beach is a surprising delight at the eastern coast of Pelion mountain. It is located in Magnesia, in the mainland, and it is a hidden gem, so we ... Read More

Papa Nero Beach

View from above of Myrtos beach
Myrtos beach is delightful in every respect. The coarse sand and the crisp are the main reasons we rate it as one of the best in Greece. It is in ... Read More

Myrtos Beach

Egremni beach
Egremni is one of the best beaches in Greece. It is so hard to access that it is never crowded, although it is so long that it would take thousands ... Read More

Egremni Beach

Navagio beach viewed from above
Navagio beach in Zakynthos island is one of the best beaches in Greece, and one of the most spectacular-looking beach in the world. It will undoubtedly be one of the ... Read More

Navagio Beach