Monastiraki bazar in Athens
Athens (Αθήνα) is the beating heart of Greece today, but for a splendid moment 2500 years ago it lit the light of western thought that has been burning brightly for ... Read More

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Statue of female dancers
The Piraeus Archaeological Museum is located near the ancient port of Athens, and it houses important artifacts from the general area. Its exhibits include the only bronze Kouros in existence ... Read More

PIRAEUS Archaeological Mu...

Ancient Agora
The ancient Agora of Athens is a major archaeological site, and a long shadow of influence across the globe. It was the cauldron that brewed some of the most important ... Read More


Temple of Poseidon over the cliff
The Temple of Poseidon at Sounion is a popular archaeological site to visit near Athens. The temple as well as the setting is beautiful, and many visitors choose to go ... Read More

Temple of Poseidon at Sou...

Astir Vouliagmeni beach
Athens is not really known for its beaches, or as a "swimming" destination, but if you spend several days in the city and find yourself craving the waters of the ... Read More

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