Ancient Agora of Athens in panorama
You will most likely find yourself in Athens for a period of time when you visit Greece. Even as a short stop on your way to and from your final ... Read More

ATHENS – What to Se...

Monastiraki bazar in Athens
Athens (Αθήνα) is the beating heart of Greece today, but for a splendid moment 2500 years ago it lit the light of western thought that has been burning brightly for ... Read More

ATHENS – Travel Gui...

The Parthenon east facade
Acropolis (Ακρόπολις, akro+polis) literally means edge or point of the city. Throughout the centuries the Acropolis of Athens has embodied a much more significant position not just in relation to ... Read More

ACROPOLIS – The Bed...

Caryatid Statues at the Acropolis
The Acropolis museum is a world-class museum that houses some of the most significant and beautiful art from the Acropolis. If you visit only one museum in Greece, the Acropolis ... Read More


bronze ballots in the Agora Museum
The Agora Museum is located in an archaeological site of ancient Agora of Athens. The museum is housed inside the imposing Stoa of Attalos and shelters artifacts unearthed in the ... Read More