Fishing boats float in the blue sea
The Greek islands are a main attraction to Greece. Each island has its own  unique topography, history, and culture, so you will aways find one that fits your holiday style ... Read More


Church atop a headland in the sea
Sifnos island is popular with Greeks because it offers no distractions beyond what Greeks enjoy the most: good company, a good beach, long conversations over coffee or dinner, and endless ... Read More

SIFNOS Island – Coz...

Blue-green water in Seralia beach
Sifnos beaches are the main attraction to the island. They are spectacular, but humble affairs where you can enjoy the sea and sun for the day. Seralia, Fasolou, and Chrisopigi ... Read More

SIFNOS Beaches

Bougainvillea blooming over door at Pyrtos town in Tinos
Tinos island is a magnet for Orthodox Christinas as a place of pilgrimage to the renown church of Panagia. This identity has kept the island under the leisure-tourists' radar. But ... Read More

TINOS Island – Upli...

Parasols at kolibithra beach
Tinos island beaches are not as well known as the nearby Mykonos ones. But they are by no means inferior in any way except in marketing. You will find many ... Read More

TINOS Island Beaches