SANTORINI – Terrace to an Infinite Horizon

Santorini is the crown jewel of Greek tourism. It has spectacular cubist white villages spilled precariously onto the volcanic caldera’s edge, and a rich history to boot. If you only have time to visit one island in Greece, Santorini will be a most memorable experience.

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In Santorini (also called Thera; Greek: Σαντορίνρι, Θήρα), the cycladic cubist homes take a whole new meaning as they cling precariously to the caldera.

The volcanic explosion that some say destroyed the Minoan civilization, was one of the largest in human history.

The legends, the history, and the landscape it left behind are some of the most spectacular on earth. They made Santorini one of the most visited islands in the world.

It’s a small island, and tends to get way overcrowded in places, but everywhere you look, there is a spectacular top-of-the-world view that make you feel as if you are floating in the clouds.

Things to Do and See

Strolling and Chilling on the Caldera

First things first: You are in Santorini to take in the views and relax. This isn’t Disney World. You won’t be standing in line for a few moments of excitement, and – save for the donkey ride to the top – you won’t get much adrenaline flowing.

Archaeological Sites and Museums

Santorini is blessed with a history that goes back 3500 years.

The archaeological site of Akrotiri is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular in Greece, and Ancient Thera provides some of the best views of the island.

Santorini also has two museums to go along with the two different archaeological sites: Ancient Thera Museum, and the Museum of Prehistoric Art, which houses finds from Akrotiri. Also, there is the Thera Foundation that has recreated some of the bronze age buildings from Akrotiri in Fira town.

If you don’t have time to visit all of them, you should definitely visit Akrotiri and the museum of Prehistoric Art.


Santorini, or Thera island has a long illustrious history. It’s strategic location in the southern center of the Aegean sea made it the cultured hub of prehistoric Greece. The island was most active during the Bronze Age, and remained relevant all the way into Hellenistic and Roma era.


Santorini is a popular island, and it’s in the middle of the Aegean, so ferry connections with Piraeus are plentiful. Many passengers that sign up for group packages fly to the Santorini airport directly.

Other sites of interest nearby

You may combine Santorini with several other Cylcadic islands nearby: Anafi, Ios, Folegandros, Naxos, Paros, Mykonos, Syros, and Tinos.

In fact, most ferries to Santorini will make a stop on several of these islands.

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