Papa Nero Beach

Papa Nero beach is a surprising delight at the eastern coast of Pelion mountain. It is located in Magnesia, in the mainland, and it is a hidden gem, so we rated it as one of the top ten beaches of Greece.


General view of Papa Nero beach
Papa Nero beach is a beautiful beach at the east coast of Pelio mt. in Magnesia, Greece
  • Name: Papa Nero beach (Παπά Νερό)
  • Location: Magnesia, Greece
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  • Overall Rating: 5/5  Rating: 5 out of 5
  • Joy Index (What the Water Felt Like): 5/5  Rating: 5 out of 5
  • Beach Berm: Sand
  • Seafloor: Sand
  • Access: Poor: you can drive near the beach through a poor and narrow road. Parking is tough to find, but once you do, you still have to walk for a bit to get to the beach.
  • Amenities: You will find restaurants and other shops at the beach, as well as parasols for hire.


Papa Nero is a large and beautiful beach near the popular Agios Ioannis resort on the east coast of Pelion.

The part of the beach nearest the town is not such a bright place to swim. It is usually overrun by people, including a host of summer camp children that are escorted there every day.

But if you walk a little farther south, the beach opens up into a wide expanse of sand and bliss.

The long walk in the sand is what keeps the crowds from spreading farther than the first hundred meters of the beach, which is lucky for those who go into the trouble.

Since it’s pretty far to get back to the restaurants, bring our own water and food if you plan to spend the day, otherwise walking in the sand back to the stores might get tiring.