NAFPLIO Archaeological Museum

Nafplio Archeological Museum is a delightful venue. Its exhibitions include ancient objects ranging from Paleolithic to Roman eras. This is where you will see the bronze armor with boars tusk helmet from the Mycenaean period, similar to a vivid description from Homer’s Iliad.

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Nafplio Archaeological Museum is located in the old Venetian navy arsenal, which was built in 1713.

It shelters artifacts from the Argolis area, in the northeast Peloponnese. It is an area with rich history going back to the Paleolithic era. Various settlements in the area were active at different times, and the museum’s exhibits are arranged in chronological order.

Finds from excavations at Franchthi cave are prominently displayed with large explanatory panels and illustrations. They include, reconstructions of stone-age burials and every-day objects such as jewelry, tools, and weapons from the Mesolithic and Neolithic periods (10,000 – 3,000 BCE).

The best known object in the museum is the Dendra Armor. It’s a full-body bronze armor and a helmet lined with boar’s teeth, and it belonged to a  Mycenaean warrior.

The Archaeological Museum of Nafplio also exhibits artifacts from the Tyrins excavations, from Palea Epidauros, and other excavations in the vicinity.


You will find the Archaeological Museum of Nafplio on the west end of Syntagma square, in the heart of the old city.

If you drive, park at the large parking lot at the port and walk ten minutes to the museum. Otherwise, you might be tangled in very narrow streets in Nafplio’s old town.

The museum is small  so you will easily stroll through its exhibits in about half an hour. Extensive signs with text and illustrations provide good explanation and give context to the artifacts.

Best place to stay is Nafplio town itself. Athena hotel is on the other end of the square within walking distance.

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