Myrtos Beach

Myrtos beach is delightful in every respect. The coarse sand and the crisp are the main reasons we rate it as one of the best in Greece. It is in the island of Kefalonia that has several exceptional beaches in the surrounding area.


Panorama of Myrtos beach.
Panoramic view of Myrtos beach. Kefalonia, Greece
  • Name: Myrtos Beach (Μύρτος)
  • Location: Kefalonia island, Greece
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  • Overall Rating: 5/5  Rating: 5 out of 5
  • Joy Index (What the Water Felt Like): 5/5  Rating: 5 out of 5
  • Beach Berm: Coarse sand
  • Seafloor: Coarse sand
  • Access: Good: paved road all the way to the beach. Lots of parking on the beach, albeit after 11 am it’s had to find a spot.
  • Amenities: Myrtos is an organized beach with parasols for hire, trash pick up and bus service.


Myrtos beach is featured in our top ten beaches of Greece, and it is often voted as the number one by visitors in web site publications and polls.

Obviously such polls would be biased towards the most frequented beaches, but from our on-site visit we found Myrtos to be well worth the accolades and fame.

The waves really pick-up in the afternoon more often than not.  At that time, swimming can become dangerous since the beach slopes abruptly as soon as you enter the water (not very good for small children).