MYCENAE Museum – Artifacts from the Bronze Age

Mycenae Archaeological Museum exhibits part of the incredible wealth of  artifacts unearthed in the area. When you visit Mycenae and its museum, you will gain more appreciation for the Bronze Age culture, and the most powerful kingdom of the era.

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Description and Significance

Mycenae is one of the most important Bronze Age archaeological site in Greece.

Excavations began in the 19th century, and the artifacts unearthed there caused a sensation.

The graves of found in and around the citadel contained a plethora of gold decorations, bronze weapons, pottery, linear B tablets, frescoes, and every-day objects.

The most important finds from the excavations are on show in the National Archaeological Museum of Athens.

The supplementary exhibition in Mycenae museum is an excellent way to gain even more appreciation for the Bronze Age culture when you visit Mycenae Archaeological site.

The museum emphasizes several topics from the Mycenean era. Its exhibitions are divided into several units with artifacts from Bronze Age every-day life, commerce, worship, and economy.


Visiting the Museum

The museum is inside the archaeological site, so you will be able to visit it with the same ticket.

We always recommend to visit the archaeological site first in the summer. That’s because you might want to get out of the sun after hiking the ancient ruins on a steep hill.

Bathrooms and a waters spigot are near the museum.

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Where to Stay

You can visit the archeological site and the museum on a day-trip from Athens. But if you want to explore more of the surrounding area, Nafplion would make an excellent base.

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