MAP OF GREECE – for Travel Planning and Navigating

This is a collection of maps of Greece for travelers or for those who want to learn more about the country. We include her maps that will be useful when you visit Greece, but also when you plan your visit.

Greece with Major Cities, Islands, and Administrative Regions

Map of cities and islands of Greece
Map of Greece showing majors cities, islands, and administrative regions

Interactive Map of Greece (on Google Maps for Directions)

Use this interactive map of Greece on your desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

Click on each marker to open a side-panel on the left side of the map with more information about each place.

For directions to a place:  click on place-mark.

Then click the “directions” icon.

Google Maps will open on a new window with a full-screen map.

On the new window, zoom in to ensure the accuracy of the marker (some markers are placed on “general” areas), fill in your current location if it’s not automatically filled, choose your mode of transportation (car, bus, train, bicycle, or foot) and hit “enter” on your keyboard. Bon voyage!

For an alphabetical list of all place marks, click the  icon on top left of map. It will open the side-panel.

Map of Athens Metro

The map of Athens metro for printing
Map of Athens Metro.

One of the most useful maps of Greece, the Attiko Metro map,  will be your constant companion in Athens.

Athens Metro map (PDF). This link will open the official Attiko Metro map in a new window.

Using the map on your mobile device is a good way to do it, but we recommend to print a copy before you visit Athens. This way if you lose your mobile (or your data connection), you can still move about Athens.

Self-Guided Walking Tour of Athens map

Monastiraki bazar in AthensThis is the companion map for our recommended self-guided tours of Athens. It is a free tour and the path is marked on GoogleMaps.

Open the map  and the tour description on your mobile device, and enjoy the center of Athens during a leisurely walk.

We have divided the tour into three topics

Piraeus Port Map

Map of Piraeus, showing the port gates and the usual ferry departure locations.

Map of piraeus port with the ferry gates
Map of Piraeus port and the ferry gates

Click to open Piraeus map in a new window, and to get directions in Google Maps.

How to Get to Your Ferry Gate

When you buy your ferry tickets to the Greek islands, chances are that you will depart from Piraeus port.

If you don’t have tickets, you can buy them at the many ticket agents at the port before you get to the boat. You cannot buy tickets at the ferry.

If you arrive to Piraeus port by car, follow the signs to the gate that is indicated on your ticket.

If you arrive to Piraeus by the Metro, or a bus, you will be very near your ferry departure point.

Gates E1, E2 might be a bit too far to walk (about 45 minutes) from the Metro station, especially if you are carrying luggage.

From the Metro station, every 30 min, there is a bus that can take you from the to E1. Alternately, you can catch a short taxi ride outside the train station.

Map of Ancient Sites in Greece

Ancient Greece sites map
Map of Greece showing ancient sites.

Greece Administrative Regions

Political map of Greece showing the Administrative regions
Administrative Regions of Greece.

The Greek government has changed the regions several times in the past few decades. This UN map was updated in 2011.