Fanos Beach

Fanos beach in And Koufonisi does not have spectacular landscape, or great amenities, or the vast expanse of other popular beaches. What it does have is peace and quiet, soft sand, and amazing clear, refreshing water.


  • Name: Fanos beach (Φάνος)
  • Location: Ano Koufonisi, Greece
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  • Overall Rating: 5/5  Rating: 5 out of 5
  • Joy Index (What the Water Felt Like)5/5  Rating: 5 out of 5
  • Beach Berm: Sand
  • Seafloor: Sand
  • Amenities: You will find a restaurant and small hotels within walking distance


Fanos beach, as well as the nearby Harokopou beach are delightful swimming spots.

Many visitors also enjoy Pori beach, which is a bit farther north on the same coast. But we fell in love with the diminutive cove that is very quiet and cozy.

If your vacation revolves around swimming and quiet, And Koufonisi is a great place to spend your holiday.

Getting There

Ano Koufonisi island has no direct connections to Pireas, but you can visit with a boat, or a day-cruise from either Naxos or Paros islands

Once there, you need to catch a ride to the beach from the port. Usually hotel owners meet incoming boats with small shuttle busses for a free ride to the beach near their establishment.