Falasarna Beach

Falasarna (or Falassarna) Beach is one of the best in Greece. It is located in the west coast of Chania prefecture, in Crete, which is blessed with three world-class beaches (Balos, Falasarna beach, and Elafonisi).

Falasarna beach, Western Crete
One of the best beaches in Greece, Falasarna (or Phalasarna) sandy berm offers ample space to never feel crowded.
  • Name: Falasarna, or Falassarna beach (Φαλάσαρνα)
  • Location: Crete, Greece
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  • Overall Rating: 5/5  Rating: 5 out of 5
  • Joy Index (What the Water Felt Like)5/5  Rating: 5 out of 5
  • Beach Berm: SoftSand
  • Seafloor: Sand
  • Access: A rural paved road will bring you right to Falasarna beach. You will find plenty of parking around the beach.
  • Amenities:  There are several spots with organized parasols and sun beds for hire. There are beach bars and restaurants near these organized places.
  • Notes: Falasarna is an expansive span of soft sand in the west coast of Crete. It’s easier to get to by car than the other two famous beaches of Chania (Balos and Elafonisi), and it’s worth traveling around the world to relax in it’s waters.The surrounding area relies more on agriculture than tourism. As a result, the beach is undeveloped and there are no big hotels or resorts in its vicinity. Only small villages and many-many greenhouses dot the fields.

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