Parasols at kolibithra beach
Tinos island beaches are not as well known as the nearby Mykonos ones. But they are by no means inferior in any way except in marketing. You will find many ... Read More

TINOS Island Beaches

Diver in mid-air in front of a shipwreck and sea caves in Sarakiniko, Milos
Milos beaches are one of the main reasons to visit the island. You will find plenty of beautiful sandy beaches, but you will also be enchanted by some of unique ... Read More

MILOS Beaches

Sand and sea at Psilos Gremos beach
Kos Island beaches will be one of your main holiday highlights because the island has been blessed with a multitude of beautiful swimming spots. Generally, the beaches of the north coast ... Read More

KOS Island Beaches

Antisamos beach parasols and sun beds
Kefalonia beaches are not as well known, but they are as good as you will find in any Greek island ... Read More


Balos beach
Crete beaches are some of the best in Greece. In fact, some are world class in terms of scenery, sand, and water quality. The entire island is ringed with beaches, ... Read More

CRETE Beaches