The theatre of Dionysus at the Acropolis of Athens
Ancient Greek theatres are sprinkled throughout the the country. They speak of a cultured people who used art both for education and entertainment. Today, most ancient theaters are in ruins, ... Read More

Ancient Theaters

View of ancient theatre at Dodoni
Dodoni archaeological site is one of the most ancient of oracles in Greece. It was dedicated to Zeus. It' not as well known as other archeological sites in Greece, but ... Read More

DODONI – The Oracle...

Ruins of the Tholos with three columns standing
The Oracle of Delphi is one of the most important archaeological sites of Greece.  Its oracles influenced major and minor affairs around the Mediterranean for about 1200 years before it ... Read More

DELPHI – The Oracle...

ancient stadium with packed earth pitch and grassy spectator slopes
Ancient Olympia is a major archaeological site in western Peloponnese, at the south slope of Kronos hill. It developed over many centuries into a famous sanctuary which organized the original ... Read More

Ancient OLYMPIA – B...

Phaistos disk
Ancient Crete is home to the Minoan civilization, which was the first advanced civilization of Europe. The rich history of Crete has left the island sown with hundreds of archaeological ... Read More

Ancient CRETE