ATHENS & MAINLAND – Best Travel Destinations

Athens and the mainland destinations of Greece are just as beautiful as the ones you find in the Greek islands. Some mainland destinations offer a more unique, and less-crowded experience, while other towns duplicate the “island” experience. Our recommendations here will help you find a perfect vacation spot.

Our Recommendations for Destinations on the Mainland


The city is the busiest transportation hub in Greece, so most likely Athens will be your first experience of the country, either as a short stop on your way to a Greek island, or as your final destination in itself.

Either way, it can be a rich experience, and an especially unique one if you are interested in ancient history and culture.

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Mainland Destinations in Greece

One of the most “classy” towns, Nafplio, is far from being a hidden secret. The town is beautiful and the surrounding area is filled with important archaeological sites and museums. You would not regret choosing it for your vacation.

Pylos at the southwest end of the Peloponnese is another very good choice for a quiet vacation. It’s a bit farther from Athens, and therefore harder to get to, but this is also the reason it never gets crowded.

Parga in northwest Greece is a very popular place with an “island” atmosphere. It would be an excellent choice if you want to combine sea, sun, a bit of history, and spectacular mountains.

One of the most spectacular places you can visit on the Mainland is Meteora. Besides the theatrics of its geography, Meteora is also a major spiritual center and a place of pilgrimage for Orthodox Christians the world over. Several of the dramatic rock formations are crowned with Byzantine era monasteries.