Aegina Archaeological Museum

Aegina Archaeological Museum pottery
Oddyseas escaping from the Cyclops’ cave under a sheep.

The Archaeological Museum of Aegina is located in the same area as the archaeological site of Kolonna, and it houses numerous artifacts from the island’s archaeological sites.

Unfortunately, the sculptures of the temple of Aphaia pediment are not among them. Fragmented sculptures from the temple of Apollo pediment are located in room 8 of the museum.

The museum is divided into eight rooms and each room exhibits artifacts from the different historical eras of Aegina. There are several interesting reconstructions of the Bronze Age city at Kolonna, and a multitude of pottery from the Mycenaean era.

The unique highlights of the museum are the large Bronze age storage jars (1900-1800 BCE) in room 3, the Sphinx from the temple of Aphaia in room 5, and the fragmented sculpture from the temple of Apollo. In room 6 there is a delightful jar, with a depiction of Odysseas escaping the cave of the Cyclops under a large ram.

While the artifacts housed in the museum are definitely worth a visit if you are in the area, the building itself is in bad need of repair and renovations.

The museum is open from 8:30-15:00 daily (closed on Mondays), and the 3 Euro entrance fee allows admittance to the museum and the Archaeological site of Kolonna. Both can be easily visited in one-hour long leisurely walk. The museum is located ten minutes north from the ferry quay. When you disembark walk to the left.