Why Choose Greece?

Arguably, the most attractive feature of the country is the laid-back life-style that has become legendary throughout the years. It is a life-style that's good for the soul. The speed of life slows down enough to be able to enjoy its every moment under the Greek sun.

You can find beautiful beaches in other parts of the world. You can find antiquities elsewhere too, as you can find relaxing villages, safety and security, and perhaps even better tourist accommodations.

But you won't be able to find all of it in a package proportionate enough that allows you to absorb and enjoy its totality during a visit. Moments can feel like endless joyous hours in Greece, and the whole world can shrink into an easily decipherable poem. The Greek landscape engulfs you in its human scale and never lets you feel too small or dwarfed by your surroundings.

It's a little discussed feature of the country, but the perfect proportions of it's landscapes bestows a aura of confidence and security conducive to feeling perfectly relaxed and comfortable. Once you leave the big cities, the world becomes a comfortable sandbox for every age. Islands, villages, and homes, greet you at your own level. Even the ocean keeps the distance between lands manageable. Perhaps the only thing out of proportion are some of the gargantuan cruise ships when they approach the tiny towns of the islands, but they too help make the cozy proportions of the landscape more visible.

Above all, these human proportions extend beyond the landscape to the people's relationships. Greek people have a positive and relaxing disposition that extends an open heart to welcome all visitors. No doubt you will encounter the sole, and very upset nuclear scientist being employed at a job below his intellectual level (every traveler to every country has had such encounters), but overall visitors leave enchanted with the hospitality and candid affection they receive during their holiday in Greece.

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