What to take on your trip to Greece

You are probably here because you are traveling to Greece and you are not sure what to pack for the trip. I assume that you have read the "Before you go" page and you have taken care of all the things on the checklist there.

Now it's time for the fun to begin: packing the suitcases!

As you go through the things you consider essential for your well being, also think about how much space they take in our luggage, and how much weight they add to your load (you will have to carry these luggage at some point).

Also consider that many items are readily available in Greece. Is it really worth carrying around five large bottles of sunscreen all the way from home, or is it worth spending a little extra money to buy them after your arrival? You are the best judge of such matters.

You can find all the modern amenities once you are in Greece. The "Supermarkets" are filled with goods imported from Europe and the United States, so you don't have to pack a year's worth of toothpaste or contact lens cleaners!

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