A Brief History of Greece

This is a short history of Greece for travelers who want to appreciate the country in it's many facets. It includes a timeline, highlights of the major eras, and notes on the significance for the world.


The Ancient Theatre at Epidavros
A splendid example of architecture created by a culture that valued the importance of the individual, fostered educated citizens who participate in their own governance, and investigated the world through observation and logic.


Every modern country can trace it's own history back to the depths of time, but few on this earth have seen their history be as influential on a global level as the history of Greece.

In a nutshell, the country's history reaches back to the stone age era, but it it became significant for us today during the ancient Archaic, Classical, and Hellenistic eras.

Between the stone age and today, Greece has suffered earthshaking events and has gone through several dramatic transformations. For example, the kingdoms of the Bronze age transformed into the first ever Democratic societies, and the dominant Pagan religion was replaced after four thousand years by passionate devotion to Christianity.

The culture produced by the ancient Greek civilization touched every neighbor it came in contact with, and many of its ideas have become the foundation of what we consider Western civilization.


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