Know before you go to Greece


Checklist for your trip to Greece:

Does it expire sooner that 6 months from your return date?

Do you come from a country that Greece requires visas for entry?

Money (Cash or Traveler's Cheques)

Credit/Debit Cards (Bring a spare)
Do they expire?

Call your Credit Card and /or your bank in advance to tell them you'll be traveling to Greece, otherwise they might deny purchases.

Check to see if your insurance covers you in case of Emergency abroad and if there are any forms you need to take along. Buy travel insurance if you are not covered in transit.

Car Insurance
Check to see if your car insurance covers you in case you drive abroad.

Airline, boat, bus, concert, and any other tickets you can think off.

Hotels, rental cars, theater, restaurant etc.

Fill your prescriptions before you go. Find out if your medicine is available at your destination.

Prescription Glasses (bring a spare) and Contact Lenses.

Checklist for what you leave behind:

Are there any bills that will be due while you are frolicking in Greece.

Stop services like mail, garbage collection, and the such.

Keys (for your return home)

Greece is a modern European country with an incredible amount of diversity in the landscape and culture. The large cities like Athens, Thessaloniki, Patra, and Heraklion, display a relentless pace that can be hard to get used to at first. It would be best to design a trip that can provide relief from city life by escaping to the country side, or to one of the thousands of islands in the Aegean or Ionian sea.


Take some cash for the trip, and make sure to stash away at least $40-$50 for the return trip. We found that when we return to the US the last think we want to do is search around for a cash machine in the midst of going through customs and finding our luggage (after a 12 hour trip.) So having a little cash allows us to eat something and most importantly to pay tolls and gas on our way home. This advise is good until US businesses begin accepting Euros..
More information regarding money in Greece...


There are no immunization vaccines required for a trip to Greece if you are traveling from the USA or Canada. For all other countries, consult the Greek Embassy near you. Also, see our Health and Emergencies page...


For US and Canadian citizens visiting Greece for a period less than three months, only a valid passport is required. For visits longer than three months consult the Greek Embassy near you.

Greece has ratified the Schengen Agreement concerning the visa issues. The Schengen Agreement covers the following ten member-states of the European Union: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Portugal and Spain.

All visitors to Greece who hold a tourist visa must have travel insurance. Visitors from EU countries must bring along their European Health Card (EHIC) or their county's Social Security service documents.



These are the absolutely essential things you need to address before you go on you trip.

For other items that would be useful, find out what to pack for Greece.


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