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The country is a small one. It hangs precariously at the southern end of Europe where for five millennia has bridged east and west. In antiquity it was the pivot point around which commerce and ideas amalgamated into a civilization so unique that it still resonates with its influence today worldwide. It's greatest legacy is that it's ancient ideals became the foundation of the western world.

Such unique cultural and historical background has sprinkled its landscape with ruins and scars that span six thousand years. The alternating invaders, the peaceful settlers, and the country's position at the crossroads between east and west, have all left their mark on the land and have become the playground of many a visitor. Ancient sites abound in every turn, and museums shelter priceless artifacts from antiquity.

Mother earth has also been kind to the mainland and the islands by adorning them with an impressive array of spectacular features. Blue and white dominate the landscape of the most popular islands, but the green and golden hues of the mountainous mainland should come as no surprise. The interior of the country is dominated by rugged mountains that are bare and rocky in the south, but green and lush on the north. No matter where you stay in Greece, you will never be farther than one-hour drive from the coast.

Greece is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. Each summer the country's population nearly doubles as millions of people visit to enjoy the many unique gifts it's destinations have to offer. Many travel to relax at one of the beautiful villages, islands, and beaches, some go to enjoy life, and many to explore it's history and culture. With no exception, visitors love the perpetual sunshine and the ocean's eclectic hues of blue.

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