Travel Guide to Greece: Practical Info and Advice

Travelling during the crisis in summer 2015

Plan your trip

  • Trip Planner
    If you are planning a trip to Greece and you are not sure where to go or what to do, this is a good page to start planning your trip.

  • Travel Itineraries
    Sample ideas to help you build a comfortable itinerary for your vacation in Greece. View travel itineraries and ideas about places to go.

  • Best Time to Visit
    While summer is the most popular time to go, other seasons might have a lot to offer...

  • Reasons to Choose Greece
    For the history, the art, the ancient sites, the museums, the food, the weather, and of course, to relax!

  • Visiting During the Economic CrisisFacts about the crisis, and notes on safety and how to prepare...
  • Getting to Greece
    Information about the ways to get to Greece by air, land, and sea.

Prepare for Travel

  • Know before you go
    What you should know as you prepare a trip to Greece. Practical information and advice regarding Money, vaccines, Visa information...

  • What to pack
    Packing can be a challenge, and it helps to know what to expect. Here you wil find information on electricity, computer and camera needs, and what clothes to pack.

  • Safety in Greece
    General information and resources regarding safety in Greece...

  • Health and Emergencies
    Information on the health care services in Greece. Where and how to get help in an emergency or a minor health issue, and emergency phone numbers...
  • Prices in Greece
    A guide to help with travel planning. This page includes information on what kind of prices a traveler is expected to find in Greece...


  • Hotels in Greece
    Hotel, apartment rooms , and camping information...

  • Traveling with Children
    Traveling with children requires some special maneuvers. Learn from our experience...

  • Connect to the Internet
    How to connect to the internet while in Greece.

  • GPS Navigation Devices
    Practical advice about navigating with a GPS device or with a smartphone app like Google Maps and Apple Maps in Greece...

  • Using your cellphone in Greece
    First you should decide if you want to keep the same number when you travel or if you would not mind changing your number to a Greek number when you arrive in Greece...

  • Transportation
    Info about busses, trains, taxis, mopeds, car rentals, ferries, and donkeys!


  • Swimming in Greece
    One of the favorite activities in Greece is swimming, sunbathing and all sorts of seaside activities...

  • Snorkeling and SCUBA
    The Greek sea floor can be very rewarding if you take the time to explore. Tips for an enjoyable snorkeling experience, and the official government policy on underwater activities...

  • Activities and Sports
    What Greece has to offer for the outdoorsman...

  • Photographing in Greece
    What you need to know about photographing in Greece, and the official policy of museum photography. Tips, tricks and books as well...

  • Driving in Greece
    General info about driving in Greece. Drivers License needs, the roads in Greece, and other resources...

  • Driving in Athens
    A few words of advise and other resources regarding driving in Athens...

About Greece

  • Greece Information & Facts
    General information, facts, and statistics about the country...

  • About Greece
    An overview of the country...

  • Food in Greece
    Just a few suggestions for an enjoyable culinary experience...

  • Money in Greece
    What is the monetary unit of Greece? How to exchange money, how to pay for goods and services, and ATM information

  • History of Greece
    A concise history of Greece for travelers.

  • Greek Language
    If you plan a trip to Greece, there is no reason to be too worried about the language. The country and its people are so accustomed to visitors that it has adopted to accommodate their comfortable experience.

  • Greek Alphabet
    Learn about the Greek alphabet and hear the sound of the characters

  • Flag of Greece
    Pictures, information, and a brief history of the Greek flag...

  • Weather in Greece
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