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About these pictures of Greece

This is a collections of pictures I have taken over the years in Greece. I am an artist, currently teaching Sculpture and Digital Art, and photography is a big focus of my work.

Not all of these photos I would consider "Fine Art Photography". Most are used throughout this site to illustrate the essays on various places, and are collected here in thematic entities so visitors interested only in photos can find them easily. I have collected the best of these images in slide collections called Best of Greece Vol. 1

This entire web site began in 1998 as a mere collection of my pictures from Greece. Over the years it developed to a place full of factual information about the country.

The Ancient Greece Photo album includes pictures from major archaeological sites and museums I have visited over the years.

The Places photo album contains mainly pictures of Greek Landscapes from the various islands and other places I have visited.

The expert viewer will notice the difference in style and quality among various Greek photo groupings. These are the result of a gradual change in personal style, purpose of taking the pictures, and of course, multiple changes in equipment. Over the last ten years I have changed as a person, I have modified the way I travel, and have changed several different cameras.

The development of this web site has guided me to take many more Greek photographs than I would have taken otherwise. In the old days I only shot what looked interesting, while now I photograph anything that might look informative.

The change in equipment has also affected the way the photos look. I used to shoot with a Minolta X-700 in Kodakchrome 64, and Ectachrome 100 transparency film almost exclusively. The slides of Greece were then scanned and digitized for inclusion in these pages. While slide film produces extremely good quality photos, scanning the images was an extremely time consuming process and often the scanned images needed much adjustment in order to approach the quality of the original photo. Nodays, with the digital cameras I haul around this problem has been completely eliminated.

I hope you enjoy these photos of Greece. Please navigate to the various Greek photo albums using the links at the top of this page.

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