Ambracian Gulf Map

Ambracian Gulf Map
Ambracian Gulf Map

Satellite Pictures and other Ambracian Gulf Maps

Ambracian Gulf Satellite picture and overlay of locations
Satellite picture of
Ambracian Gulf and Lefkada

Ambracian Gulf Satellite image with place notations
Satellite image of Ambracian Gulf
Ambracian Bay satellite photo
Satellite photo of Ambracian Gulf in Western Greece

Map describing the forcing of the straights of Preveza by the Greek flotilla in October 3, 1828

Greek occupation of Makrinoros in 1829
Map of the northeast shore of the Ambracian Gulf

Old map of the Northern coast of the Ambracian Gulf depicting Salaora and Koronisia.

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Koronisia: Latitude: 39.017 Longitude: 20.917 Elevation: 0

Other spellings: Amvrakikos, Amvrakia, Ambrakikos, Ambrakia

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