Zakynthos (Zante) Photos

One of the most stunning views in Greece must be this one from the observation deck above Navagio beach in Zakynthos.
Navagio beach must be one of the most photographed spots on earth, and for a good reason. The view is magnificent, and the colors out of this world.
Right around the corner there are a couple of nice sandy beaches that might actually be too dangerous to be at. The cliff above them is vertical, and it's made of very unstable, soft soil. My knees were trembling as I approached the edge to take this photo.
View of Navagio beach from the precarious observation post. There is no way to get to the beach on foot. There is a path that seems like it would lead to the back of the beach, but it just disappears after you walk on it for twenty minutes or so. The way back to the parking lot is uphill too. A host of tourist boats arrive at the beach about eleven in the morning and uload hundreds of passengers who spend the day basking in the sun and enjoying the crystal clear waters.
Navagio (meaning shipwreck) took its name from the cargo ship that washed ashore in a stormy night several decades ago. The ship was unloading bootleg cigarettes for the black market when a suddent storm turned it into the mass of steel you see embedded in the middle of the sandy beach today.
The waters of shipwreck beach are a joy to swim at. Probably some of the best you will find anywhere.
The sheer cliff that ends right in the water is another feature that makes Navagio beach so beautiful.
Right around the corner from the cliff pictured in the previous page is a beautiful, large cave. Swimmers swim the short distance from the beach to enjoy the natural feature and to snorkel in it.
There are two ways to enjoy Navagio (shipwreck) beach in Zakynthos. One is to take a tour boat right to the beach to swim, and the other is to drive to the observation post to take in the stunning view. The beach can be seen partially from this precarious observation deck. It jets out over a sheer cliff and it's an intimidating experience. I witnessed many tourists refuse to set foot on it, and many who rushed off it after just a second. It does not help that there is a hand written sign, haphazardly posted before it that informs visitors that it can only support four persons at a time.
The color of the sea off Zakynthos is more blue than you will find anywhere else in Greece.
Zakynhos landscape.
To the north of the islan you will find a feature very much worth visiting. The Blue Caves.
Taking a boat tour around the cape reveals a large array of caves of all sizes.
You can visit the Blue caves with a boat from Alikes, but the best way to do it is to drive all the way north to the lighthouse and to take a glass bottom boat run by the Potamitis brothers. They were very accommodating and allowed us to swim in and around the caves for a long time. The best part is that from their mooring spot, the blue caves are just a few minutes away.
The Blue Caves were named after the incredibly blue water you encounter once inside. Underwatter openings filter the light as it enters the cave, creating a kaleidoscope of blue colors and aquatic shapes. This picture shows how blue the water appears inside one of the caves.
The waters around the caves are beautiful, and it's one of the best spots for snorkeling as well. If you drive all the way to the north lighthouse, you can either take a bottom trip to the caves, or you can use the stairway near the water and then swim around from there.
Cape Skinari is one of the most picturesque spots of Greece, where incredible blue waters play with the rocky backbone of the island creating stunning landscapes.
From the lighthouse at Cape Skinari, with a glass bottom boat, you go through these beautiful rocky archways on your way to the Blue Caves that await just around the corner.
A secluded little beach near our appartment building in Zante.
Ionion beach in Zante is well organized with straw parasols shding small spots on the soft golden sand.
Gerakas beach is one of the most beautiful of the island. It is also the breeding ground for the caretta-caretta turtles so it is well regulated with observation posts and restricted access. Best of all, there are no speed boats, jet skis, or any other noisy activity allowed within miles of it. What's good for the turtles, is also good for man.
Zakynthos is a popular tourist destination because it has been blessed with an amazing number of beautiful sandy beaches. The entire southern coast of the island is filled with sandy beaches on a string like a beaded bracelet. Most are organized, clean, and inundated with package tourists.
With so many sandy beaches, one is bound to find the right spot in Zakynthos.
This is the first view of the island most visitors see when they arrive by ferry from Kyline.
Zakynthos Town
The town of Zakynthos is subdued and very relaxing. The port is filled with many fishing boats.
The Italian influence is evident not only in the language of the inhabitants who have adopted their Greek a more "musical" sound, but also in the architecture of the Island.
The ancient Agios Nikolaos Church in the city of Zante.
The promenade of Zakynthos town is alive with vivid colors and life every night.
The town at night is a great place to relax.
Leonida Zoi square is a lively place framed by cafeterias and restaurants.
Zante at night
The center of activity in Zakynthos town at night is Plateia Solomou.
Night picture of Zakynthos promenade.
A fishing boat in the Zakynthos harbor.
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