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The Vegina tumulus of vergina contains several royal tombs from the Hellenistic Era. Today, the tumulus has been renovated to become an attractive museum exhibiting the Macedonian artifacts found in the tombs inside it. Tumuli have been identified in many parts of the world. They are great mounts of earth, raised to protect a grave or graves.
The entrance to the Great Tumulus of Vergina.
This monument inside the Great Tumulus of Vergina has been identified as the tomb of Philip II (359-336 BCE), king of Macedon, and father of Alexander the Great. Two Doric half-columns frame the sealed entrance to the tomb, The frieze above contains a beautiful fresco of a hunting scene with mounted and pedestrian hunters use dogs, spears, and nets to subdue a variety of animals.
A Macedonian tomb is found about one kilometer from the Great Tumulus of Vergina, on the way to the ancient Aigae and the palace. The four half-columns of the facade are of the Ionic order. Circa 300 BCE.
Vergina Palace Reconstruction. Drawing of the palace of Vergina as it would have appeared in ancient times
Vergina Ruins . Segments of columns from the palace of Aigae (Vergina)
The palace of Vergina as it appears today.
The archaeological site of Vergina is exposed to the elements and requires a great deal of imagination to reconstruct.
Vergina archaeological site
Ancient Water pipes. The ceramic pipes of the palace drained water away in a controled way.
Greek columns from the Macedonian palace of Vergina.
Vergina Stones
Aigae (Vergina) Theater. The theater of Vegina is located on the western slope of the hill that is crowned by the ancient macedonian palace. It is probably the theater where Philip II, King of Macedon, was assassinated before he could put to action his plan to invade the Persian empire. His plan was executed by his son, Alexander the Great, who became king after Philip II's death in 336 BCE.
Vergina modern village. Modern Vergina is an atractive tourist village with many little shops around the ancient cite. The people are very friendly, and the place is spotless.
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