Ancient Aegina Pictures


Ceramic vase aegina-museum-02

Ceramic vesel aegina-museum-03

Reproduciton of ancient aegina town with defensive wall- aegina-museum-04

Reporduciton of ancient greek home, Aegina museum

Ancient kiln reporduction

Ancient kiln reproduction aegina-museum-07

Large vases, aegina-museum-08

Ancient vase aegina-museum-09

Ceramic vase, aegina-museum-10

Statue fragment aegina-museum-11

Sphynx, aegina-museum-12

Ancient aegina

Kolona, te lone standing column of ancient Aegina

Archaeological site of ancient Aegina photo

Archaeogolical site of Aegina, Kolona

Kolona ancient excavations

Ancient home, kolonna06

Archaeological site of Kolona

Ancient excavations of Aegina

Ancient kolonna09

Ancient Aegina, Kolona, Archaeological site map

Mosaic on ancient synagogue

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