Mainland Greece

Picture Athens
An Ancient, Byzantine, Ottoman, and modern mosaic.
is a large modern city which houses about 40% of the Greek population. As such it is a busy city with lively streets, a full cultural calendar, and a healthy nightlife. Any tour of Greece must include some of the archaeological sites and museums. More about Athens...

Parga is a picturesque town in the province of Epirus. It is nested between lush green hills and the clear waters of the Ionian Sea. A short walk through the steep streets would take you to the castle that reveals a bird's eye view...

Ambracian Gulf
The rhythmic murmur of the small fishing boats is the loudest kind of human manifestation. The estuary around the Ambracian gulf with its twenty natural lagoons are the refuse for a wide variety of birds and aquatic animals many of which adorn with their presence the endangered species list

The epic poem describes the legend in lyrical terms- how the masons built the structure all day long just to find that it collapsed overnight. With this process repeating itself for a long time to the desperation of the masons, only divine intervention could save the bridge...

The accenting dance towards the sky performed by the rocks was not lost on those who desired their own ascent to the heavens for religious reasons. Monasteries occupy many of the rocky terraces, most of which were built during the Byzantine era and have changed little over the centuries.

We dipped in the coastal waters, breathed the pine aroma high in the mountains, and soaked up the sun rays on fine island sand. Ten days felt like an eternity as we sampled a large gamut of the magic Greece has to offer...

Pelion is a pleasant surprise for those who picture Greece as a barren and harsh landscape, scorched by the sunrays that bounce off white cubist homes. This is the beauty of the typical, and wildly successful Cycladic landscape, but Greece is a multidimensional landmass, and the fauna of Mount Pelion along with its idyllic coastline presents a complex visual feast that engulfs the senses with a gentle intensity.

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