Ancient Greece

Acropolis of Athens

GreeceThe Parthenon emanates a silent dignity as it stands on the rugged rock; stripped of its ornaments, and deprived of a religion to represent. It is but a shell of a structure, and a shell of significance that grew with time to represent an entire civilization...
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Athens National Archaeological Museum

GreeceThe ancient statues reveal themselves in new light with every visit. The National Museum of Athens is the most important musuem, not to be missed if you want to appreciate the beauty and scope of Greek Art. The pictures of the ancient statues cannot replace the magic of standing in front of Zeus' presence...
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Ancient Crete

Ancient Greek TheaterA visit to Crete would not be complete without a visit to the Heraklion Museum, a visit to Knossos and one to Phaistos. For those who want to form a complete picture of Minoan Crete, a visit to the palace of Malia is a short drive from Heraklion. The palace of Kato Zakros would be more of a challenge to visit as it is located on the east coast of the island. More Pictures and essays about Minoan Crete from Ancient


Dimini, Neolithic GreeceWhile most people identify ancient Greece with the Classical or even the Hellenistic periods, the complete story of Greece reaches back to the Mesolithic and Neolithic Eras. The Neolithic period is marked by a plethora of settlements around Greece, the best preserved of which is the archaeological site of Dimini. Also see photos from the nearby Paleolithic site of Sesklo. Visit Dimini


GreeceThis is one of the very few theaters that retains its original circular "Orchestra" and it is a rear aesthetic sight. During Roman occupation of Greece, most theater "Orchestras" were changed from a circle to a semicircle but The Theater at Epidaurus escaped intact...
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GreeceThe Lion Gates take you to the interior of the acropolis, and then you climb through several ancient buildings and pathways, to the palace itself where Agamemnon was murdered by his wife and her lover after he returned victorious from the Trojan war...
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OlympiaIt is not hard to imagine how the Olympic games cultivated the collective consciousness of the Hellenes looking at the ruins which span several hundred years as they stand silently among the low trees at Olympia. The buildings visible today represent every era of Greek civilization...
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Ancient Vergina (Aigae)

aVergina is the location where ancient Aigae existed in Macedonia. It was the royal capital of Macedonia and it was adorned with an impressive palace, a theater, and a series of tumuli (earth mounts covering royal tombs) that have yielded an incredible amount of Hellenistic era treasures and art.
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Temple of Aphaia, Aegina

photoOne of the most delightful Doric temples of Greece, the temple of Aphaia is located atop the pine-clad Mesagro hill on the northeast end of the island, and it is encircled by excellent views of the Saronic Gulf and the surrounding area. Also: Ancient Aegina and the Archaeological Museum

The Agora of Athens

photoNo loud declaration exists of the Agora's contributions in the history of the western civilization. Instead, a mass of silent ruins invite the visitors to follow the historical clues and to unravel the Ariadnes thread all the way back to the Theseus' era of heroes...Hephesteion | Agora Museum | read more...


GreeceToday, Delphi is one of the most attractive archaeological sites of Greece. Its rich grounds and museum represent classical antiquity with such clarity even the uninitiated visitor can grasp. Its importance as an archaeological site, coupled with its location at an idyllic landscape makes it one of the most visited sites of Greece. For more inrormation regarding the Archaeological site of Delphi, the histrory, and the art, visit Delphi at


GreeceThe limestone seats of the theater were weather beaten and nested in a respectful semicircle between the two enormous retaining walls. I entered the theater and stood alone in the middle of the orchestra pausing to comprehend the majestic scenery...
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Lindos Acropolis, Rhodes

GreeceLindos reached its highest development during the 6th c. BCE under the tyranny of the Kleovoulos, famed for his riddle-solving and law drafting abilities. At this time the temple of Athena (probably founded in 1000 BCE) was rebuilt and dedicated with the spoils of the wars of the Rhodian against the Lyceans of Asia Minor....
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Necromanteio of Acheron:

GreeceThose who made a commitment to undergo a meeting with the spirits of the non living were putting themselves in great danger and thus they had to undergo elaborate rituals in order to be prepared physically...
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GreeceWhat a sight this must have been when the ancient Greek seafarers laid their eyes at the majestic Temple of Poseidon at the very tip of cape Sounio. There must have been no better reward for sailors who braved the waves of the Aegean Archipelago...
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Ancient Greek Theaters

Ancient Greek TheaterA collection of pictures that includes photos from the majority of the ancient Greek theaters with brief descriptions and location.

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