We arrived at the port of Serifos quite by accident. We had boarded the ferry with the full intention of spending ten relaxing days at the island of Sifnos, but we never made it there. It was a hot August night when our ferry labored against the choppy seas and the strong winds that prevail in the Aegean. We had bought "deck" tickets and had managed to make a comfortable place for us among all the other tourists on the ferry's top deck, somewhere between the life boats and the long wooden benches which had all been occupied by the early birds. The metal floor was just as comfortable though, and we were ecstatic to be on our way to enjoy the sun and the Aegean.

The ferry's first stop was at Serifos, and it was now almost midnight. We stood at the ferry's rail and watched the cars and passengers disembarking under the bright search lights, when the idea brewed in our heads to just stay in Serifos instead of continuing to Sifnos. So we did.




We took our small bag with a change of clothes and within minutes found ourselves wandering the dark streets in search of a room to rent. August in any island in the Cyclades is the time when hotels do not have even a closet free to rent, so around three in the morning we were guided by friendly locals towards a camping (in Livadi I think) as the best place to find a place to stay. The owner of the camping was very nice and found a spot for us in the midst of a rose garden for his establishment was packed as well. He even opened the camping store for us so we could buy two sleeping bags for we had none.

So there we stayed for ten days under the stars, in the rose garden, in the island of Serifos, in Greece. Somehow it seemed so appropriate, though we never intended it when we embarked for our vacation. The next day we rented a small motorcycle and began roaming around the island in search of views, exotic beaches, small towns, rugged rocky hills, and the island of Serifos did not disappoint us. We spent our days swimming and site-seeing under the scorching summer sun, and our nights in the various coffee shops and bars that line up every little town's shore. Our favorite place to swim was the small and hard to reach beach of Ai Sostis.

We just could not have planned a better vacation that summer. Although next time we will make reservations for a room in advance, the impulsive nature of our trip bestowed a sense of exploration and adventure to our whole experience. But then again, we knew that we could not go wrong by just showing up on a rocky little island in the Aegean with sandy beaches, crystal waters, white cubist towns, and a relaxing attitude, by the name of Serifos. We knew that we could not go wrong by disembarking on the island the the mighty Perseus had chosen for his home.

It has been almost 10 years since my wife and I last visited Serifos, but the island will live in our thoughts forever.

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