Santorini Best Beaches

Most of the beaches of Santorini are lined with black volcanic smooth pebbles. The black color retains an incredible amount of head and as a result most swimmers end up high-stepping as they speed through the short distance between their parasol and the cool waters.

Red Beach

Red beach offers spectacular scenery and crystal clear waters. It is crowded during the day, but the deep dark red cliffs that frame it offer a visceral volcanic landscape that can only exist in Santorini. There is a ten minute demanding climb over huge red boulders and precarious pathways, but we and our small children managed the route with little problem. There is a little shed that sells drinks, and the ubiquitous and expensive umbrellas line up the beach (although by now you know better to buy your own umbrella)... more...

Perissa beach was our favorite swim spot because it provided ample space so it did not feel crowded, a nice sandy sea bottom shallow enough at the shore for children to play, and more pebbles than sand which left our feet clean at the end of the day. It is lined sparsely with fish tavernas, beach shops and cafes, and the south end of the beach continues around the bend far beyond the road's end.. more...

Kamari Beach suffers from being too narrow, and too busy. The water was excellent once again, but the large rocks at the surf break made it impossible to get in and out of the water if you didn't wear beach shoes. Kamari beach is near the airport so you get to encounter low flying jets every five minutes as they approach to land at the airport nearby. That's great if you are into airplane watching, but not so good if you just want to relax by the waves. The novelty of the low flying airplanes gets very old after the third landing... more...

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