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Travel Guide to Rhodes, Greece


Rhodes is one of the most popular and expensive Greek islands. It is also one of the largest islands of Greece, and you will be hard pressed to explore a small fraction of it in a week’s time. Rhodes’ extensive history, visible through its diverse architecture is the main attraction for the millions of visitors who also enjoy nice beaches and the islands perpetual sunshine.

Best time to visit

April, May, and early June might be the best times to visit

Where to Stay

The best place to stay is Rhodes city itself. The new town overflows with large hotels that line the waterfront. While Rhodes city is the main destination for most who visit the island, visits to sites beyond the town require using either busses, or your own car. Mopeds would be useful for the area immediately surrounding the city of Rhodes, but walking is the best way to experience the new and old town of Rhodes.

Ideally you should find a small hotel inside the old city of Rhodes if you can. Hotel space is abundant in Rhodes and also expensive from spring until fall. We stayed in the Grand Hotel Mitsis in the west part of the new city, and we would recommend avoiding it. The rooms are not maintained very well, the service is sub par and impersonal, and it’s expensive.


Getting to Rhodes

By Air: The airport is 13 Km to the southwest of Rhodes town, and it is connected to the city by bus and taxi service. The International Airport of Rhodes named Diagoras, receives regular flights from Athens and direct charter flights from most European countries. The bus ride from the airport to the city of Rhodes costs 1.50 Euro, and a taxi ride will set you back between 15 and 20 Euro. The airport also houses Car Rental offices for major international companies.

By ferry from Piraeus. Most ferries from Piraeus also serve other islands of the Dodecanese. If you plan to visit other Dodecanese islands like Simi and Kos, it would be easier to visit Rhodes first and the other islands on your way back towards Piraeus.

If you plan to sail to another island after Rhodes you will find that it’s very difficult to connect with any other islands outside the Dodecanese.


What to see in Rhodes

Rhodes town with its medieval district, the beaches of the east coast, and Lindos with its beaches and ancient acropolis beckon travelers from other parts of the world to visit the island of Rhodes.

Having said that, most tourists tend to frequent these very parts, making them feel overrun and overcrowded. Accommodations are abundant and in high demand in both Rhodes town and Lindos, but it should not be terribly difficult to find a room in high season, albeit the prices are always high compared with other Greek islands. Rhodes has a reputation as one of the most expensive Greek islands, up there with Santorini and Mykonos.

Don’t miss:

If you are in Rhodes for a limited time, don’t miss


Useful Telephone Numbers

Rhodes Municipal Tourist Office (224) 103-5945
Rhodes Port Police (has updated ferry schedules): (224) 102-8888 or (224) 102-2220
EOT (National Tourist Organization): (224) 102-3255
Tourist Police: (224) 102-7423

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Rhodes Facts
Area:1398.5 sq. km.
Population: 100,000

Rhodes City Coordinates:
36°25'58.8" N
28°13'1.2" E
Highest Peak: Mt. Ataviros (1215m)

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