Rhodes Island

Beyond Rhodes town, Lindos is the second most popular destination of the island. Lindos is one hour away from Rhodes town, through the eastern coastal road that unfolds pleasantly through several resort towns. On your way to Lindos you will pass the beach resorts of Kalithea, Faliraki, Ladiko, Kalimbia and Tsambika before the roads turns inland near Archangelos and Masari.

Kalithea is the nearest resort to the city of Rhodes and once was one of the busiest parts of the island with interesting Art Deco run-down Italian buildings from the mid-war era. Besides the few visitors to the small sandy beach, and the old spa, most tourists prefer to pass Kalithea for beaches and towns further down the east coast. Kalithea is also a hub of scuba diving activity with several SCUBA schools operating in its waters.

Faliraki, previously a small fishing village, now turned into an infamous party-town that competes with Hersonissos of Crete for unruly behavior and ugly architecture. The main and only attractions of Faliraki, besides its nightlife is a nice sandy beach and a monster water park built further inland.

Kolimbia, and Tsambika are located south from Faliraki, and are nice, spacious beach resorts with few hotels and more genuine island character. Most of the beaches are lined with pebbles, but don’t feel as crowded as the other popular beaches of Rhodes. The best beach of these parts is Ag. Agathi near a nice little village called Haraki.

Between Tsambika and Haraki, Archangelos is a large picturesque inland village that has been developed in recent years to accommodate the mass of package tourists who prefer it to Rhodes town. Vlicha beach resort is about 5km before Lindos and it is also a nice place to stay.

Beyond Lindos on the east coast most of the land is fairly unaltered by package-tourism due to the distance from the city of Rhodes.

South of Lindos, Pefki is the nearest east-coast base for many visitors, and about 15 km farther south, the village of Genadio is quiet with a few restaurants and a nice beach.

Further south at the very tip of the island, the beach of Prasonissi is a narrow sand strip that connects the mainland with what was once a tiny islet off the coast. The beach is almost always windy on the west and popular with windsurfers, while the east end is sheltered and enjoyed by sunbathers and swimmers.

Driving down Western Rhodes the landscape is more reminiscent of mainland Greece, with many agricultural communities that seem to exist oblivious to the hustle-bustle of the rest of the island. From the airport, all the way to Monolithos the landscape is mostly ordinary. With the exception of the ancient cities of Ialysos and Kameiros (35 km from Rhodes town), there is not much on this part of the island to attract visitors.

The nearest spot of interest in the western part of the island is Monolithos with its spectacular 15 c. knight’s castle. Monolithos, located about 48 Km from Rhodes town offers some nice views of the Aegean, and although it is debatable if it’s worth the long drive from Rhodes, it offers reasonable accommodations for a quiet stay and for exploring the most remote areas of Rhodes if you have your own vehicle (preferably a 4x4 jeep).

Rhodes location
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