Rhodes Beaches

Rhodes City Beach, Elli (or Eli)

A wide beach wraps around the new city of Rhodes on the east, north and west sides. The eastern end of the beach is the most popular, being sheltered by the strong winds that plague the entire west coast of Rhodes. Despite its lenght and width, Elli beach is packed tightly with parasols and can feel very crowded, but the sea is very cool and clear.

The northern tip of the beach is always empty while the west end is in front of many large hotels and it is used by the patrons who don’t care for the crowds of the east end, of don’t want to walk the few blocks to the east end.


Beaches on the West Coast of Rhodes

Ixia or Trianda Beach

This is a large strip of land 5Km to the southwest of the city of Rhodes. Large hotels dominate this whole area and the beaches are offered for a variety of seaside activities besides swimming and sunbathing. The better part of the beach is further south, and in general the sea is calm morning hours, and gets rough as the winds pick-up later in the day.



Ialisos beach is about 15Km southwest from the city of Rhodes
in an overdeveloped part of the island.
Despite its ancient name, Ialysos beach felt the least Greek and the least desirable place to be unless if you like windsurfing.



Kremasti beach is near the airport and is a bit quieter than the nearby Ialysos beach. It is windy but one can find enough seclusion in its considerable length, especially in the southern-most end. It is a favorite beach of kite-surfers.


Kamiros, or Skala Kamirou

This is a small beach, nicely groomed by the lone restaurant at the edge. It is a nice spot to swim for those who visit the ancient site of Kamiros, or for those who drive towards Monolithos and want to rest somewhere in between. The bus from Rhodes stops right at the top of the beach, and to get to the ancient site from there you have to walk through a dirt road for about 10 minutes. Being on the west coast makes this beach subject to strong winds, but during our visit it was calm and very pleasant.


Beaches on the West Coast of Rhodes


Kalithea beach, or Kaithea Thermi

Kalithea beach is a small sandy cove about 13Km to the southeast of the city of Rhodes. It is an old Italian spa built in the 1930’s with in the art-deco style but its quaint buildings are showing their age. Restorations at the site are undergoing but the small sandy beach is a nice spot to swim and snorkel.


Faliraki Beach

Faliraki offers an nice long and wide beach lined with fine sand, but it is more known for the wild nightlife these days. The town of Faliraki is overrun by tourist shops, but the beach is quiet and pleasant during the day. The southern end of the beach is more developed with restaurants, cafes, and parasol rows, but the northern end offers much space for quiet swimming and sunbathing. At the southern end of Faliraki there are several smaller beaches, Kathara beach, another small beach (reportedly a nudist beach of dubious quality), the Anthony Quinn beach, and Ladiko beach.


Tsambika and Kolimbia Beaches

Tsambika and Kolimbia are two relatively quiet tourist resorts with clean waters and wide beach areas. The area is relatively undeveloped and a good place to spend a quiet day by the water, or a whole week in one of the nearby hotels, although they can get fairly crowded at certain times.


Stegna Beach

Stegna beach benefits from its proximity to the picturesque village of Archangelos and it offers clear waters in a quiet environment.


Lindos Beaches

Lindos is the second most popular destination of Rhodes for a reason. Besides  the spectacular acropolis and the picturesque village, it has two very nice sandy beaches and a third one nearby. The beaches of Lindos get very crowded by mid-day in the summer since every Rhodes visitor will visit Lindos at least once during their stay. The walk down to the beach is a pleasant one, but the climb back up towards the village is steep. Several locals with donkeys would ferry you up to Lindos for five euro.



Is a long sandy strip of sand that connects Rhodes island with the islet named Prasonisi. The beach is usually windy on the west side, but sheltered on the east. Consequently, windsurfers enjoy the conditions on one side of the beach, while sunbathers congregate on the other.


Vlicha Beach

Vlicha beach can be found about 3Km north of Lindos. It is a long and wide beach lined with large pebbles and parasols. The beach is dominated by two large hotels, one built right on the south end of the beach, and the other one a little further up the hill.

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