Pyrgos, To Pylos

On the first day of our tour we left Arta and drove south to Antirio where we boarded the ferry to Rio. It is only a twenty minute ride, but it is a major hustle. We had lunch at a fast food place outside Patra, and by the time we hit the road for Pyrgos it was already noon and the heat had become unbearable. Our little Skoda car has no air conditioning so we soon decided to divert our plans and find a nice beach to cool off. We left the highway and drove west until we found the beach called "Kalogria". The place was packed with vacationers and it took us a while to find a suitable place to park our car on the side of the road. There is a large hotel (Kalogria Beach hotel I think it's called) right on the water and it has effectively appropriated half of the beach. The hotel offers a great deal of outdoor activities and we caught the tail end of a major beach volleyball tournament. We nailed our beach umbrellas in the sand and enjoyed the cool waters for a couple of hours before we headed back to the highway.

By the time we reached Pyrgos it was late in the afternoon so we settled in our hotel room in the center of town and headed out for some souvlaki. We walked around the town for a while before we returned to our air-conditioned room. We needed some rest because the next day we were planning to spend it in the archaeological site of Olympia. We also wanted to visit the nice beaches of Arkoudi, and Kakovatos. The next morning though we had to change our plans because we were concerned with our little Christina's health.

We never made it to Olympia during this trip since we had to drive back to Patra to visit the Children's hospital to take X-rays of Christina's leg. She had fallen off the couch the day before and was limping so we wanted to make certain that she was fine. She got a clean bill of health from the doctors but we had to drive to Pylos where we had reservations with hotel Karalis so we skipped Olympia to stay in-schedule.

We did get to visit Olympia two years later in the summer of 2003 and had a relaxing time and visiting the archaeological site of Olympia

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