Paxos Facts and Resources


Population: 2500
Area: 40 square Kilometers


One of the best thihgs to do at Paxos is to take a cruise around the island (Gaios ot Antipaxi via the West coast) with a small boat. It cost us € 20.00 Euro per person (children travel free)
We had no problem getting money in Paxos through the ATM machines (VISA, MC) in Gaios

Best Place to swim: Antipaxos, Vrika beach
Water taxi to Antipaxi from Gaios costs € 6.00 per person (children travel free)
(Expect to get wet as water splashes over the speeding boat. Protect cameras with plastic bags)

Paxos Beaches
Levrehio beach near Logos was nice for snorkeling.
Monodendri beach near Logos is large and organized
All the beaches we saw on the island of Paxi were lined with pebbles, and the only sandy beaches were in Antipaxi (Vrika and Vitoumi)

Best Beach
We thoroughly enjoyed Vrika Beach in Antipaxos and would recommend it highly for swimming and snorkeling.

Great island for snorkeling! My experience of snorkeling around Vrika beach was one of the best.

Watch out!
In July, there were too many speed boats sailing perilously close to the beach. If you are snorkeling, be extra alert and stay close to the shore.

Other things to do.
Rent a boat for swimming/snorkeling around the west coast of the island.
Rent a motorbike and tour the island.


From Igoumenitsa

By Ferry Boat to Paxi (Gaios) from Igoumenitsa
The trip takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes

By Flying Dolphin from Igoumenitsa

From Corfu

By Ferry Boat to Gaios from Corfu (twice per week)
Trip takes about 3.5 hours

By Flying Dolphin from Corfu, the trip is 1.5 hours long

From Parga

By Water taxi or daily cruise from Parga

Tickets to the ferries and hydrophoils can be obtained right on the dock or from a travel agent.

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