The water in Antipaxos is unforgettable

Given that the Antipaxos island has less than 150 inhabitants, it was surprising to see that Vrika beach was packed with bathers that traveled the short distance from Gaios aboard small boats to enjoy the silky sand and the fantastic waters that surround the tiny island. The landscape around the beach is overgrown with wild brush, and sun baked rocks, and the only sign of civilization comes in the form of two restaurants that frame the small beach on either end and bring all the necessities of life like food, wine, water, and ice cream. We rented an umbrella (€2.00 for the whole day) and we thought we had stepped into paradise. If you travel with small children you would know how important shade, water, and ice cream are for a successful vacation. The water taxis return to Antipaxi, every hour or so to ferry passengers back to Gaios. Once in Antipaxi, you can hop on any one of these boats for the return trip to Gaios without paying extra, and for our return trip we chose the glass bottom boat for a little extra entertainment.

You only pay 6 Euro to get to Antipaxi from Gaios, and this price includes the return trip with any boat, while the trip takes about half hour. We chose to hop on the very last boat that showed up at 5:30 PM since we had such great time at the beach. The sea was calm and cool, and the soft decline of the sandy sea bottom provided the perfect playground for our young daughters. Maria (my wife) enjoyed swimming between the tall cliffs that shelter the beach, and I had a fantastic day snorkeling. The sea floor at the fringes of the Vrika beach is very rewarding with its great variety of colorful fish, aquatic plants, underwater rock arches, and spectacular caverns with entrances that barely clear the sea surface. Above all the visibility in the water was superb allowing me to fully enjoy the view.

Antipaxi also has “Vitumi” beach to offer its visitors which shares the same clear waters as Vrika beach, and is lined half with soft sand where the waves brake, and half with large pebbles. I climbed the 214 concrete steps to the “Bella Vista” restaurant, where I was presented with the spectacular view of the entire island, and later I hiked the makeshift dirt road for about forty minutes back to Vrika beach for a little more snorkeling.

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