Sidari Pictures

QTVR panoramic view of Logas beach.


Typical landscape around Sidari.


The soft limestone has carved numerous intimate coves.

Canal D' Amour

One of the most famous coves is the charming Canal D' Amour one.


While the town is very popular, the crowds are comfortably spread out at the shore.

Canal D' Amour

The coves offer several underwater caves for exploration

Canal D' Amour

Another view of the cove. The narrow beach can get a bit crowded during the day.

Cape Drastis

Cape Drastis is accessible through a short car/mopped or via boat.

Sidari by night

The crowds come out at night.

Sidari Town

The town lacks any unique character, but it's very functional and civilized.

Sidari Water-slides

A welcome attraction near the shore.

The Coast around Logas Beach

Logas (Sunset) beach is about twenty minutes to the west of Sidari.

The Coast around Sidari
(Facing West) Cape Drastis around the bend
Map of Greece
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