Athens Zoo (Attica Zoological Park)

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Athens zoological park
Attica Zoological Park

The zoo of Athens, or Attica Zoological Park, is a pleasant place to send an afternoon, especially if you are traveling with children.

Attica Park is a privately owned zoo, and it is located in the outskirts of Athens near the Spata airport.

The zoo exhibits a variety of animals and exotic birds, in a pleasant environment that allows the animals to live in relative comfort in places approximating their natural habitat. The 55 square kilometers of the zoo are intertwined with a peaceful path that allows the visitors to weave through ponds, fields, and cages.

The zoo was built in 2000 by Jean-Jacques Lesueur, and it belongs to the European Association of Zoos and Aquariums. As such, it conforms to the association's standards for the humane treatment of the animals, and the education of the visitors.

Each exhibit offers documentation on the animal's characteristics and other pertinent information for the visitors. The animals on display are representative of species from around the globe and include lions, tigers, wolves, zebras, bears, and giraffes, among many others.

At the Athens zoo you will find large cage exhibitions with birds of America, Africa, and Asia among others, and many smaller exhibition spaces of specific species like parrots, cranes, and penguins. In all, there are over 2000 birds from 320 species on display.

There are several species native to Greece on display, like the Skyros horse, but there is no dedicated "Greek fauna" exhibition.

Since the zoo is near the airport it might be an excellent place to spend the day if you are catching a late flight, or if you find your self at the Athens airport between flights.

How to get to Athens zoo:

By bus: Take bus number 319 from Doukisis Plakentias

By car:
Exit 18 to Spata (from the Airport)
Exit 16P to Rafina (from Elefsina)
End of Attiki Odos towards Rafina (from Ymittos ringroad)

Telephone: 210-663-4724

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