Acropolis Museum Pictures

Pensive Athena
Marble relief, 460 BCE

or Calf Bearer
Marble, 570 BCE

Statues from an unknown
Temple from Archaic Acropolis.
The three-bodied demon represents Water, Fire, and Earth
Marble, 6th c. BCE

Marble, 500 BCE

Peplophoros, Kore
Marble, 530 BCE

Marble, 500 BCE

From the Parthenon Frieze
Marble, 440 BCE

Relief from the Nike Temple

Detail from the Parthenon Frieze

Large sculptures from the pediment of the "Old Temple" that was renovated in 525 BCE by Peisistratos

Artemis, from the Parthenon Frieze

Kritions Euphebe
Marble, 480 BCE
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