Live Greek Television

On your computer

Please be advised that GreekLandscapes is not responsible for the above sites. We are just listing them here for those who are searching online to watch Greek TV.

On your iphone

ERT iphone app
This is an iPhone app that serves several things: rss news; live television (ET1, NET, ET3, websport1, websport2, websport3, ERT world); and liver radio (NET FM, ERA sport)

On your television

Live Greek Television on Roku (subscription)
The tiny set-top box connects your television with an internet TV service. Several international subscriptions services are availbable, including a Greek package. The channels available on Roku are the same channels available via satellite television and for about the same price. Except, with Roku you don't have to pay for a satellite dish or for another package. You can just subscribe Greek television.

Satellite Greek Television Information

I live in the USA, and after many years I decided to subscribe to satellite television so I can watch the available Greek channels. While I was researching Greek TV in the US I noticed a complete absence of valuable information that could help me decide what channels to subscribe to and how to do it. So, I put together my experience to help anyone who is interested in seeing Greek Satellite Television in the US.

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