Red Beach

Beach name: Red Beach
Our rating: 1/5 about
Our rating is based on our actual visit to the beach.
Visitors rating:

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5 = Superb! Best we visited. Worth going far out of our way to swim there again
4 = Very good. We would go out of our way to swim there again
3 = Good. We would choose it for swimming among other beaches if we were in the area
2 = Average. We could go for swimming again if we happened to be in the area
1 = Just OK. The beach was fine for swimming and sunbathing one time
0 = Disappointing. We will not return to this beach

Note that these are our simple (and unscientific) observations based on our subjective experience during our visit

Red beach, Santorini island photograph
Red Beach
Santorini island
  • Beach berm:
  • Sea floor:
    Shingle, and coarse sand
  • Water rating: 1/5 about
  • Access:
    Poor = Accessible by car, poor road, plus a long walk or climb
  • Amenities:
    Cantina/kiosk at the far end of the beach
  • RV / Camper Accessibility:
    Site is unsuitable for RV parking
  • Snorkeling:
    Average snorkeling experience
  • Notes:
    Red beach is heavily promoted on tour guides and websites as a good destination for swimming in Santorini. But this might have to do more with clever marketing than with the value of the beach itself.

    From our experience, it is at best an average beach, not worth going out of one's way to visit it. If you happen to be in the area for other reasons, like visiting the nearby archaeological site of Prehistoric Akrotiri, it might be worth going to the Red beach for a dip and to snap a couple of photos of the red cliff face. Otherwise, you may safely opt for any other swimming spot around the island.

    Red beach is famous for the red color that paints the entire landscape and the beach berm itself. Getting to it requires parking far from the beach and a fairly easy hike for five minutes through a footpath that becomes challenging at the end when you have to climb down some large rocks (visible on the right in the photo above). Regrettably, even this short hiking activity is marred by the large amount of garbage (mostly water bottles and plastic coffee cups) that inconsiderate visitors have stuffed into rock crevices as a way to dispose them.

    Despite the relatively difficulty of getting to it, Red beach is packed with tourists who negotiate the precarious rocks and ignore the signs that forbid entrance due to rocks falling from above. If you do opt to swim, the water has lower than average temperature, and can be refreshing on a hot day. Just be mindful of the large number of boats sail dangerously close to the beach among swimmers, making it a not very safe place to swim.

5 = the sea water was some the best for swimming. We would go way out of our way to swim there again
4 = sea water was excellent and inviting for swimming. We would go out of our way to swim there again
3 = very nice and clean sea. We would go swimming there again if we were in the area
2 = nice sea, we had a nice swim but we did not notice anything special about the water
1 = the sea water was not very inviting at the time we visited. We did more sunbathing than swimming
0 = the water did not seem suitable for swimming

Note that these are our simple (and unscientific) observations based on our subjective experience during our visit. We enjoy the water when it is crystal clear, and cool instead of warm. We don' like visible floating particles of any kind or algae settled on the beach.

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