Parga (Kryoneri) Beach

Beach name: Parga (Kryoneri) Beach
Location: Parga, Preveza
Our rating: 2/5 about
Our rating is based on our actual visit to the beach.
Visitors rating:

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5 = Superb! Best we visited. Worth going far out of our way to swim there again
4 = Very good. We would go out of our way to swim there again
3 = Good. We would choose it for swimming among other beaches if we were in the area
2 = Average. We could go for swimming again if we happened to be in the area
1 = Just OK. The beach was fine for swimming and sunbathing one time
0 = Disappointing. We will not return to this beach

Note that these are our simple (and unscientific) observations based on our subjective experience during our visit

Greece photograph
Kryoneri beach
Kryoneri is Parga's main beach
  • Beach berm:
  • Seafloor:
    Shingle, Large Pebbles, Rock
  • Water rating: 1/5 about
  • Access:
    Good = Paved road all the way to the beach. Parking near the beach.

    If you are staying in Parga, it's an easy beach to get to, but if you are driving there, make sure you get to the town early in the morning because after 10:00 AM the traffic in the narrow streets is impossible, and finding parking could be the result of a miracle. If you are driving to Parga during the day in the summer, don't make the mistake to turn into the town from the main road. you'll be stuck for good. Park on the main road instaead, near the soccer stadium at the town's entrance and walk the few minutes it takes to go to the beach.
  • Amenities:
    Restaurant at the beach
    Cafeteria/Bar near the beach
    Town within walking distance
    Organized Beach (trash collection, umbrellas, showers etc.)
  • RV / Camper Accessibility:
    Site is unsuitable for RV parking. Don't even try to drive into town from the main road. The small streets are not wide enough for an RV.
  • Snorkeling:
    Good snorkeling site
  • Notes:
    Krioneri beach is known as Parga beach by most people because it is located in the heart of the quaint town. It's a small patch of shingles, lined with pricey sun beds and parasols three-deep, but the whole setting is inviting enough to attract large crowds, especially in July and August. It's very easy to get to, and not a bad place to sunbathe. You can rent a paddle boat, or a sea kayak to get to the nearby isles that dot the harbor.

    Kryoneri is not the only beach in town though. Parga is a very picturesque coastal town, and it's blessed with three nice beaches, all within walking distance. From the center of town (Kryoneri beach would be considered that) you can easily walk to Piso Kryoneri within a few minutes walk, and a more taxing stroll up toward the castle, and then down a cobblestone path will bring you to the larger Valtos beach.

    Other beaches in the area include Licnhos and Ai Giannakis, and both are accessible by moped, but Vrahos, Alonaki, and Lygia would require a car to get to.

    From Parga, you can also reach other beautiful beaches by water taxi or day-cruise, such as Vitumi and Vrika beaches in the nearby Paxi-Antipaxi islands, and Spartila or Ai Sostis just to the north of Parga. The two latter can also be reached by car as well through a very-very rough road.

5 = the sea water was some the best for swimming. We would go way out of our way to swim there again
4 = sea water was excellent and inviting for swimming. We would go out of our way to swim there again
3 = very nice and clean sea. We would go swimming there again if we were in the area
2 = nice sea, we had a nice swim but we did not notice anything special about the water
1 = the sea water was not very inviting at the time we visited. We did more sunbathing than swimming
0 = the water did not seem suitable for swimming

Note that these are our simple (and unscientific) observations based on our subjective experience during our visit. We enjoy the water when it is crystal clear, and cool instead of warm. We don' like visible floating particles of any kind or algae settled on the beach.

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