Milopotamos Beach

Beach name: Milopotamos Beach
Location: Pelion, Magnesia
Our rating: 4/5 about
Our rating is based on our actual visit to the beach.
Visitors rating:

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5 = Superb! Best we visited. Worth going far out of our way to swim there again
4 = Very good. We would go out of our way to swim there again
3 = Good. We would choose it for swimming among other beaches if we were in the area
2 = Average. We could go for swimming again if we happened to be in the area
1 = Just OK. The beach was fine for swimming and sunbathing one time
0 = Disappointing. We will not return to this beach

Note that these are our simple (and unscientific) observations based on our subjective experience during our visit

Greece photograph
Milopotamos Beach
Pelion, Magnesia
  • Beach berm:
  • Seafloor:
    Shingle, Large Pebbles, Rock
  • Water rating: 3/5 about
  • Access:
    Fair = Accessible by car, poor road condition. You have to go down a couple of flights of stairs to get to the beach.
  • Amenities:
    Restaurant at the beach
    Cafeteria/Bar near the beach
  • RV / Camper Accessibility:
    Some room for Parking, but not near the beach.
  • Snorkeling:
    Good snorkeling site
  • Notes:
    Milopotamos Beach in Pelion is a very popular swim spot and was voted to the top ten best beaches in a survey by the Greek ministry of tourism. One of the best beaches of Pelion, Milopotamos is nested in a very picturesque landscape.

    Milopotamos beach is divided into two separate beaches, connected by an opening in the rock. One must park way up the road and walk down quite a few cement steps to the beach. To the south of the steps you will see another beach made of large rocks and it attracts only those who like to have some more space around them (photo on left).

    Mylopotamos beach is very popular in the summer and it attracts both youth and families. It is a small beach considering its popularity, and it does feel a bit crowded in the summer.


    Visitors' Reports

    Beach Report by April Blackmon
    Beach_Location Pelion, Magnesia, Greece
    Beach_Name Milopotamos
    Year_Last_Visited 2000-2005
    Rating 4=Very Good (would go out of our way to swim there again)
    Beach Small Pebbles
    Sea_Floor Small Pebbles
    Water 4/5
    Clothing Topless is not common
    Access Fair = Accessible by car, poor road condition
    Restaurant Yes
    Bar yes
    Organized yes
    RV,_Camper_Accessibility Campers explicitly forbidden
    Snorkeling Not very good for snorkeling
    Comments I lived on the Pelion Peninsula for two months during the summer of 2005. During that time I visited many beaches, and this one was one of my favorites. The landscape was exotic and beautiful, and the pictures I took there ended up being some of the most striking photographs of my trip. The most unique aspect of this beach is the large cave like hole in the side of the mountain which allows you to walk through to the other side upon which you will see more beach. The water was clear, and often had big waves, which made child's play all the more fun. This beach could be a very romantic spot, or it could be very family oriented. It was all together lovely, and if given the opportunity to go to Greece again, I would most certainly make a special trip to visit this beach.


5 = the sea water was some the best for swimming. We would go way out of our way to swim there again
4 = sea water was excellent and inviting for swimming. We would go out of our way to swim there again
3 = very nice and clean sea. We would go swimming there again if we were in the area
2 = nice sea, we had a nice swim but we did not notice anything special about the water
1 = the sea water was not very inviting at the time we visited. We did more sunbathing than swimming
0 = the water did not seem suitable for swimming

Note that these are our simple (and unscientific) observations based on our subjective experience during our visit. We enjoy the water when it is crystal clear, and cool instead of warm. We don' like visible floating particles of any kind or algae settled on the beach.

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