Chersonissos Beaches

Beach name: Chersonissos Beaches
Location: Chersonissos, Heraklion, Crete
Our rating: 3/5 about
Our rating is based on our actual visit to the beach.
Visitors rating:

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5 = Superb! Best we visited. Worth going far out of our way to swim there again
4 = Very good. We would go out of our way to swim there again
3 = Good. We would choose it for swimming among other beaches if we were in the area
2 = Average. We could go for swimming again if we happened to be in the area
1 = Just OK. The beach was fine for swimming and sunbathing one time
0 = Disappointing. We will not return to this beach

Note that these are our simple (and unscientific) observations based on our subjective experience during our visit

Greece photograph
One of the many beaches in the area (more photos)

Chersonissos (or Hersonissos) is a lively holiday spot, popular with young people looking for vigorous nightlife combined with decent beaches.

The way the entire area has developed has transformed what was probably agricultural fields framing some beautiful beaches to a kitsch festival of loud signs and package tourism hotels, bars, and restaurants.

The majority of Greeks consider Chersonissos to be a perfect example where package tourism has altered the Greek character of an entire area, and have in mind not only the rampant development but the wild news stories of inebriated young foreigners in embarrassing trouble. Suffice to say that Chersonissos is not on the vacation list of the vast majority of Greeks.

What Greeks think of Chersonissos however has no effect on the multitude of Europeans who flock to the spot to enjoy swimming by day and partying all night. If that's what you are looking for, Chersonissos is the perfect place to drink, party, and search for fleeting or lasting relationships.

There are several beaches in the area in close walking proximity to each other, often separated by a rocky headland, so we decided to combine them all in one page here instead of creating a different report for every little beach. Besides, if you choose Chersonissos for your holiday, you will visit a few of them anyway.

The vast majority of the beaches are organized with parasols and beach beds (for a price of course). What in most beaches would be a drawback (crowding), is probably an asset for those who look for a crowd at the beach.

Beach berm:
Most beaches of Chersonissos are lined with soft round sand, while a few swim spots consist of large smooth rocky platforms at the edge of the surf.

  • Sea-floor:
    Mostly soft sand slopping gently under the surf, so most beaches are comfortable for small children.
  • Water rating: 4/5 about
  • Access:
    Good = Paved road all the way to the beach. Parking near the beach
  • Amenities:
    The entire area is overbuilt with cafeterias, restaurants and hotels framing the beaches, and often development encroaches on the beach sand.
  • Family Swimming
    Good for families with small children. While some spots are too busy and others have loud music blasting in the air, there are plenty of quieter sandy places where children can enjoy the day by the beach.
  • RV / Camper Accessibility:
    Site is unsuitable for RV parking. The streets around Chersonissos are too narrow, and there is really no comfortable place to park a mobile home near any of the beaches in Chersonissos.
  • Water Sports
    If water-sports are your desire, there are lots of water-sport choices. Star Beach has the lion share of them where water-sports have taken over good part of the tiny beach.
  • Snorkeling:
    Most of the beaches are lined with sand, but the areas around the rock headlands can offer a mild snorkeling experience.
  • Notes:
    All in all, Chersonissos has nice beaches that tend to be overcrowded and busy. There are several little coves and rocky platforms where one can find some solitude and many hotels have their own swimming pools. While the area has a reputation for partying and night-life, during the day the town feels just like any other busy holiday resort in Greece.

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5 = the sea water was some the best for swimming. We would go way out of our way to swim there again
4 = sea water was excellent and inviting for swimming. We would go out of our way to swim there again
3 = very nice and clean sea. We would go swimming there again if we were in the area
2 = nice sea, we had a nice swim but we did not notice anything special about the water
1 = the sea water was not very inviting at the time we visited. We did more sunbathing than swimming
0 = the water did not seem suitable for swimming

Note that these are our simple (and unscientific) observations based on our subjective experience during our visit. We enjoy the water when it is crystal clear, and cool instead of warm. We don' like visible floating particles of any kind or algae settled on the beach.

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