Belegrina Beach

Beach name: Μπελεγγρινα, Belegrina Beach
Location: Location
Our rating: 5/5 about
Our rating is based on our actual visit to the beach.
Visitors rating:

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5 = Superb! Best we visited. Worth going far out of our way to swim there again
4 = Very good. We would go out of our way to swim there again
3 = Good. We would choose it for swimming among other beaches if we were in the area
2 = Average. We could go for swimming again if we happened to be in the area
1 = Just OK. The beach was fine for swimming and sunbathing one time
0 = Disappointing. We will not return to this beach

Note that these are our simple (and unscientific) observations based on our subjective experience during our visit

Belegrina beach photo
Belegrina Beach
Chrisi island, near Ierapetra, Crete
  • Beach berm:
    Fine Sand
  • Seafloor:
    Sand, Rocks
  • Water rating: 5/5 about
  • Access:
    Boat = Accessible by boat only
  • Amenities:
    Bar at the beach
    Cantina at the beach
  • RV / Camper Accessibility:
    Site is unsuitable for RV parking
  • Snorkeling:
    Good snorkeling site
    Don't go without your mask!
  • Notes:
    Chrissi is an uninhabited island so you may access its beaches via boat from Ierapetra town in southern Crete. The boat ride takes one hour exactly and costs 25 Euro (summer 2011). You can buy tickets at the little kiosks at the dock. There are several boats that visit Chrissi and depart 10:30 and 12:30. You have to catch the same boat back either at 4:00 or 6:00 pm. The boats dock at the south end of the island at Vougiou Mati, near the Fragou Mnima beach. To reach Belegrina beach, walk the foot path found at the left of the taverna, and walk ten minutes north through the kedros forest. I saw just about everyone walking the sandy path on flip-flops, but athletic shoes might make the trek more comfortable.

    For an "uninhabited" island, Chrissi offers a suprising array of amenities. There is a prominent taverna right at the dock in Fragou Mnima, another taveran at the east end of Belegrina beach at the foot of Kefala hill, and two kiosks at the center of the same beach that offer cold drinks, alcohol, and ice cream!

    There are no hotels or rooms for rent on Chrissi, The island is a host ot several species of endemic plands and animals that are rare and protected by international treaties according to every brochure you read. But this does not deter
    the multitude of free-campers that pitch their tents and make-shift shelters under every other tree (using them to tie their ropes).

    The main beaches of Chrissi, Belegrina included, is lined with straw umbrelas and sunbeds. If you don't want to pay the high fee for them, you should bring your own umbrela since there is ample space around the organized rows to pitch your own. If you plan to find shade under the threes that line the beach, keep in mind that most are already taken by free-campers, and the rest would never be enough for the thousand day-trippers who arrive at the same time every day. Even if you are lucky enough to find a tree, most likely you will find yourself one or two hundred meters away from the water.

5 = the sea water was some the best for swimming. We would go way out of our way to swim there again
4 = sea water was excellent and inviting for swimming. We would go out of our way to swim there again
3 = very nice and clean sea. We would go swimming there again if we were in the area
2 = nice sea, we had a nice swim but we did not notice anything special about the water
1 = the sea water was not very inviting at the time we visited. We did more sunbathing than swimming
0 = the water did not seem suitable for swimming

Note that these are our simple (and unscientific) observations based on our subjective experience during our visit

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